Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Try :D

Today is actually gonna be a very fine day but end up okok fine :)
baby is sick :*( i dun wan he sick lahh! T__________T

back to the topic, me, xingti, kahchuah, swing, jwen, shumeen, eugene,choichee are taking part in the school carnival volleyball competition !!! YAY YAY YAY!
Dont be surprise :D we want to have more fun togther in our sec school :)
& today is the first time of our training :D xingti acts as our trainer ! :D

this is jojo with the volleyball :D

we're all paying attention to the guys who talking bout the rules :D

this is shumeen :D
she's gonna be taken :P


our coach ! :D

all of us wanna win :D last year d sia~
spot my hand? AHA! i know you dont!

swollen :O

Im feeling so good when i play volleyball with my bunch of girlfriends :D
recently this is the very good way to re-happy monsterjojo :D
& today which is the friday, we stayed back & train ourselves too!
thanks min thean for your tee & shorts XD



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Monster said...

chuahchuah <3

Sammy said...

you guys did a great job :) really won that champ