Sunday, June 20, 2010

So hot on Oh Jung Kyu XD !!

oh jung kyu :D:D

Well, who gives a damn bout that he's not an artist or such? Who has a good looking surely has a bussiness/ a first class ticket to enter this blog! Let me intro to you people, this cute thing is OH JUNG KYU!!!! i found him tru tumblr :D:D:D:D i just dunno why this fella attracted me, maybe bcz of he's a very lovely boyf?

so cute couple

ALMOST EVERY post of his in tumblr relates to his gf :))) so so sweet of him! :D
Oh yaa~! He's a korean and he's also modeling for a Korean brand named Reborn-i. Frankly, I’m surprised that he isn’t doing more stuff than that. With that pretty face of his, he should be in dramas! I'd watch it for sure !!

Check out Reborn-i’s website HERE, where you can find more pictures of him :))

i simply love the way he dress up himself :D

but still, my boyfriend cuter in everyway :D
loveeee :))


Anonymous said...

i know him!!!! tsk tsk!

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Huan Hee said...

i know too. lol