Sunday, June 6, 2010

I just cant resist you ♥

Im currently addict to this !!!! ♥♥
<<我喜欢你铃木君>> by 池山田刚!!
omg, i really dunno how to describe my feelings. Do you know how amazing is it when i read the story of this comic?? Words are not able to describe the wonderful feelings ♥♥
you might be thinking that im a geek or what..but seriously, if you're not a comic maniac, you wont know tat feeling!!! only kaka knows me well now !!
kaka, we love this a lot right??!!!

Very nice character & story line!! very pretty and handsome yet cute character TT
my god ♥♥ i read & i bought all the works by this auther
& i love all the works done by 池山田刚lah!
he/she's so awesome!!!!


KaHyEnG said...

got animation de? i don't like to read. xP

Monster said...

how i wish got!! TT
but i dhk dun have le TT
really very nicee!

KaHyEnG said...

watch the one in my blog..
got anime de!! xD

Monster said...

hao de!!

soki thean said...

see hana yori dango..i dhk suits u joee