Saturday, June 12, 2010

one two tleeee :D

joee kahyee xingti yanni
a pic of four of us :D
during bra's hrs bbq party!
im still waiting for the photos !
thanks bryan so much!!!
we've been visiting his house for third time!
every party held in his house :D
everyone had fun


before the party, we girls had our volleyball practice ;D
& after volleyball, baby brought me to “记得食” to have lunch :D:D
we ate a lot & spend time togther :))
eeeeee, me miss him lahh!!

btw, babyku having his church camp in cameron highland now :)
gene, have fun !!!! breath more since the air is so refreshing there !!
help me to eat healthy vege there! :D:D
love youuuuu :)

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