Friday, May 28, 2010

Shook @ Starhill

wheeee !! helloooo everyone, this is all about food :D
my lunch + breakfast today :) Mummy got to know about the promotion in Shook @ Starhill :D
do you know the place? starhill sell only branded items like fendi,lv & blablabla! :O

This is the promotion :D
from 3 to 6pm only

i frigging love this one! the sausage is blady juicy & the mashpootato..AWWW :)

This is the fruit sald with only few fruits .__.
however, this tastes good & the ice-cream :D:D:DD

pizza :D so thin & cheezy !
sorry for the blurr photo, me using phone D:

mummy :D:D

fried rice :D
popo prefer this among all :D

the fish porridge :D:D

my uber cute grandma :D:D

my superb jiang sis :D
i love her hair D:

prawn spaghetti ! daddy love this :DD

banana pancake with baskinrobbin ice-cream :D:D
me & kaka's fav :D

sisters :D:D

lao baa :D:D

& see ! so much food but only 74.50!
so daii TT

PROMOTION END before july,
which mean before end of june you must go there d XD

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Anonymous said...

izzit apply for weekend oso?when is the promotion until?