Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love Sick

Im sick ! Neither flu or fever, but love sick :O I seems so stupid right here. He went to vacation & will be back on monday!!!! *screaming! i cant wait to see his face TT I just dunno why is jojof miss him so frigging much.. Its like eugene yee's all kind of faces keep flying around my mind. LOL

i shud be using this time wisely and do my revision for the coming mid-term but what am i doing now? EYTL in her little brain. HOHOHO Aiyaah ! nevermind i think, since i've been installing F4 logaridms & index, Form5 BAB5 Sejarah & Form5 Biology today. SIX HOURS! My brain is totally saturated..gosh ! Call muah superwoman :D

Recently im thinking bout the-after-high-school-life so much. First i want to get myself into part time jobs & earn money! 2nd, to change my awful hair, dye it and style it :D 3rd, shopping and get myself pretty outfit! gosh, i love pull & bear lah ! 4th, help my family more in family finance :D i can earn a lil for my family right? 5th, me can be with my babyboy more!! since im already an 8teen *winks* 6th, get into a college & start studying :D OH YAA! I've forgotten bout the no 7! I seriously need to sign up to fitness centre or those yoga class :O Everythings listed above nees wad? $$$$ & Joee shud stop thinking so far! What's on the railway now? The SPM ! shud be the midyear exam first :O

Btw btw, jojo loves her grandma a lot ! jojo thinks that her grandma is cute :D She's the one who raise her when jojo's small & feed jojo so much until jojo has not been in "thin" situation since jojo was borned. She's now getting old & i can feel the loneliness in her eyes sometimes :( Everyone is busy working and only come back home at night. I wish i can bring her out now, if i can drive.

Im so weird .____.

Eugeneeeeeee~ TT *shiaatt* hopefully i can sleep soundly tonight :(

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