Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ha mi lai?

HELLOO HELLOOO, this is going to be a lame post, so just ignore me :D

Im feeling so not good these two nights. Its like..I'll be so quiet suddenly? I feel like myself macam dah transparent or invisible. Im like no more important in my family. There're only 2 daughters for her. Lim Jia-E and Lim EE EE. He is recently so busy with his work and so do her. I remember ytd when i ask them about the new camera that i wish to buy by myself. & suddenly, pop out smt blady hurtful from her.

"You think you're very pro is it? have to buy so xpensive one! buy you those hundred plus de already very kind for you!!"

This may not be a big matter for others, but yes do I. & to those camera maniac like me? I really just dunno why am i so addicted to cameras although im like wad she say, im not those pro one. but so? i got interest with it, so i seriously wish her to watch out what she want to say before she speaks out. ;( & yes of cz, that one i mention to them is bout 2k, olympus pen e-el 1. its so freaking coooool lahh.

They always ask me why i dont really talk with them. I will just remain silence behind and say nothing. Im kinda speechless lah. Everytime i talk to them, they do reply me, but with just "ohhh.. emmm..yalahh.." I really wanna share them everything in school and wads happening on me but they seems like not so interested with it. so, jojo just diam la. what for to make noise there right?

& i realised they always judge people on what they see. Im always in front of the pc & sms-ing all the time. Im not doing hmw. Im cooking porridge in room late night. These are wad they see. They just judge me & naggggggggggg me acc to wad they have seen. Normal right? But i just want to tell you i do really put effort on my studies okay?

haih, watever, these are just thoughts that pop out suddenly. Im still so happy with my life. I am still the cheerful one. Because i'll always forget wad had happen ytd when i wake up the next pretty day.

Today's note!

i meet my darling today at spicy :D:D:D we talked a lot & had fun also lah~!! ♡ ♡♡ He gave me presents from krabi :D 3 cute fridge magnet!! love you baby~ ♡

Its time to be hardworking again. ADDMATHS! BM WORKS & ETC ETC!!

I really want to buy a new camera :(
my english damn suckayy! :D
my blog sucks without photos


HIP.PO said...

hey kakak! ga yao ga yao ga yao! we taught it might be the worst thing on earth, but, it isnt the end of world! aza aza joeeeee! :))))

eminey626 said...

cooking porridge in room late night? means? LOL!
:( my parents also nag me also ==

Sammy said...

forgive is a wonderful thing

Monster said...

adik : thank you!! im okayy :D:D

eminey : bou tin wa zhok? HEHEEHE~ maybe we spm this year luu :(

sammy sammy : im also forgiving :)