Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pretty Pretty Teacher :D

HEHEHEH!! It's our dear chemistry teacher, Miss Lim Soo Yee's b'day on saturday which is 15 of may! & We, the 5K cuties *ehem were celebrating our teacher's bday on the monday during our chemistry lesson!

Honestly Im so glad teacher was surprised by the event & was so happy :D Me, Kenke & MengHern were preparing outside & got in class late :D Whn all of us are ready, here comes the bday song!

that's me with the cake :D

Happy Bday to you~

Happy Bday to you~

Happy Bday to MISS LIM~

Happy Bday to you!!!

Teacher accidentally bocor her rahsia to us :D we knew how old is she now!! HAHAHA! but her age is totally diff compare to how she looks! She's still looking so young & prettY! even the boys in my class do discuss bout miss lim and keep their eyes on him :D

A group photo is a must :D Teacher looks so tiny here :)

A card made by meee!! *proud :D
but from everyone of us :) We wrote down our blessing to miss lim ♥ ♥
credits to lao ken for the photos :D

I've totally understand physic form5 chapter 1 today :D:D


saya punya baby

♥ ♥

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