Monday, May 24, 2010

Exam..AGAIN !

Oppssy.. Exam again & this is the midterm.. :(
Hmmm, i kinda care about this exam lahhh~ important for me to compare my results with the comin trial ma~ abuden i wont know whether im improving or.... TT
hopefully i cn manage this exam well ba~
im a little stress on it D:

im agree with my tuition teacher. The reason why the students failing now is bcz there're too many exam :O Exam seems like a every 3 months work & hence it seems like so common to us. So wad for to study for those minor one?

fail for the first time..aww, im sad !! :*(
fail for the second time.. shiat!! whyyy??? :((
fail for the third time..again.. :S
fail for the forth time.. aiyaa cincai lahh!!

But im so glad i din fail any of my subject till now :D
i hope i wont break this record ! NO "FAIL" In my vocabulary :D
am i a lil too confident? NAHHH! this is the motivation to study :D


im scared of addmaths, physic & chemistry!!!

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