Friday, April 2, 2010

Monster 7teen Bday Celebration @ Desa Park

Finally, i got all those photos from my bestie lao tine :D thanks her for all the clear yet pretty photos from her cool DSLR, =D
one day, i wanna own that too!!!! rawr :D
btw, on 26 of Mac, was actually plan to celebrate my bday at shabushabu with xingti & chuahchuah :D but who knows, whn we reach there after tuition, that xingti like doing this lahh that lah, & chuah suddenly come out from the steamboat resto, im dhking......... :D

& tadaahhh!! i saw my buttsss in the resto with a cake! candles on it =D i burst into tears & cover my face lahh of cz, blady ugly that day with messy hair, stupid outfit & bengkak eyes .__.

actually i duno all the behind scene, until i got those photos from tine :D
kenke lighted the candles! those candles are so so hard to blow off :S

HAHA! this is my 2nd birthday cake in my sweet 7teen birthday!
thanks buddyyssss

me that one who crying luuu~ LOL! Though i already see lao tine & lao ken from outside
HAHAHAH! but still frigging touch when i saw all of them :)
it supposed to be a celebration between me & kahchuah & xingti like planned :P

i dhk this was the blowing candles scene! AHa!

my two besties :D
fei er & fei fei!

Present giving ceremony! hehe~ we took photo & i got present & cards from them
me & chuahchuah :D:D what she wrote inside touched my heart lah!

me & pretttyyyy genki :D:D

with sapo a mei! she's with heels :DD

my lutlut thong :D:D

yanni yanni :D:D

yit jiun :D:D camwhore kaki

hell yeah, xingti makes me cry again TT
when she came forward & hand me what she wanna gave me :)
she did a very pretty card for me ! HA, & the two bottles from my friends with my buddies ideas :) ♥♥

♥♥♥ the BFF

my tine :D:D i love her a lot too!
& the cute cards ! hahahahahah

my feifei :D:D

big boobs :O:O

lao mun :D:D!!!

the cake end up to be like this :O
burnt by the candles :D!!

everyone got their food :D
kenke tine & lao mun had tomyam soup :S they claimed that the soup is soso spi-ceyyy!!

eugene hate this face of mine! HAHAHA!

meowww!~ yanni so cute :D

wondering what are they doin?
they're swimming ._.v

oh yeahh! marmee dardy & kaka come with ee ee also :D
to see the situation :D

my girls ♥

raise ur leg :D

fail snsd pose :X

a success one :D
sorry to snsd fans, we did not mean to break the image
its just for fun :D:D

we walk around the big big lake..& suddenly,.

they pop me with the pop!!! :O :O

posers! :D:D
when we headed back to playground, there's a gang of siham aka stupid lala fella kacao us :O
we then fast fast move luuu :D

i like this photo a lot :D:D
we're in the playground, fool & camwhore around :D

mun mun da camera girl

when the others went home :D
left us & we set timer &..... CAMWHORE like siao :D

we're so happy lahh!!

as time past, everyone left. its about to 12am :) my birthday!
& tine acc me to be till 12 :D
we photo again~!

me love her :D

we moved to coffee bean when the light are off :(
we called our parents after tine wished me happy bday :D:D
got call from B, he said that he was on his bed already & unable to see me that day.
i was like sad lahh!

another photo of us :D

& suddenly B came O.O!!
with ah ken & one of his church fren :O i was so so so so surprised & i duno why am i crying ._.
hehehehe!!! so happy to see my baby lahhh! he's leaving the next day :(

he got me another present again ♥ ♥
bout 10mins later, daddy reach & i had to go :(
he's waving straight & looks super cute lahh :( so bu se de :(
anyway, i him a lot :D

that's the end of my day :D
i really had an incredible & so so memorable birthday celebration this year :)
thanks to all my friends, especially xingti & those who appear in the celebration
kahchuah,tine,kenke,yanni,a mei, thong, mun, yit jiun

my pressie from baby
love them all :) he wasted a lot of $$ TT

from my dearie friends & my parents!!
mummy present me a roxy bag which is 3 in one :D
i love it lots!
& the little wish from my chemist tuitor, MR LIM

a part who wished me thru plurkie :D:D
& facebooks & msn & msg!!
thanks all butts :D

& actually the noon, my friends already had a so call celebration with me in nijji/nikki sushi resto in menjalara :D i was kinda sad & disappointed when i saw so few butts coming :(
there're just 4 of them! kenke & thong still text me & say sorry tim :D
make me feel like tat'll be my 7teen bday, but who knows?
i have great friends :D:D:D:D

Lim Jo Ee,
you're so lucky to have
a great family
a superb boyfriend
& of course,
a gang of great butts!
i cant live without them,
all of them


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Eugene ! said...

Grate to have you too :)

Pearly said...

gotcha thru fb :)
nice blog

Pearly said...

gotcha thru fb :)
nice blog

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make people jealous only.. +_+ XD lucky you!

Meen 天野虎 said...

nice photos and blog!
love u Jo!