Tuesday, April 20, 2010

current mood : Im sick. GAHHHHH

shitness, im sick .___. flu + a lil bit of coughing. hate it!
& actually im in front of the lappy, typing my essay & gonna save it into pendrive soon :D
teacher asked me to correct my mistakes & she's going to post it up to the school magazine!!
woahhh ! :D new thing to me :D
im not that good actually .__.

IR is coming soon :S i got myself a dress & now still seaching for high heels!
yeah, high heels !! HIGH heels .__.
dun care arr, i wanna make myself taller :D:D:D:D

continue my writing stuff :D
i miss my camera :(


eminey626 said...

>< i dont have heels also TT

Blur. said...

heyy. for shoes why not go vincii? and get well soon :D

Sammy said...


Monster said...

eminey : i got mine :D:D

ycyc : helloo!yaya,mine now vincci HAHAHA! Thank you :)

dar : enla~ <3