Sunday, April 18, 2010

aww, me so funei !

gosh, this is the second post of the day.
marmee saying im not responsible in doing my own chores. I did agree for wad she said, same do my darling :( haih. i lost my camera on friday or saturday, which really annoyed me to the max! I think those who really know me understand why i feel so, right? Camera is really part of my life, big big part..*sobs
i love camwhore & snapping photos! how am i gonna do my blog & my daily life memories without it? idk.. Before this my mummy spent RM400 for fixing it. damn
though its not those pro or cool camera, but i really feel so bad right now ;*(

& another thing, my ex phone! the samsung wan :( its actually from my dad. & yea form4 that time i dhk, i drop it into the school toilet bowl when im changing .__. although lalat kenyi help me to fix it, but after some time, it died too :(

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wad can i say now is,
i really hope my friend accidentally took my camera & he or she will return to me soon :(

& the to buy stuff, im so so so O.O when i see lao tine's fb update!
she got the samsung corbee phone which me & her love so much! arrhh, gonna save money!

im so into the colour of this phone, so so so striking!
i love the pink one :O
money money, i need money! TT


-艾嘉- said...

AWWWW i super love samsung corbee too! how much tine bought it? its normal price is 699, i saw it in papers! is it is it?

Monster said...

yaloh! not so expensive only~
but tine bought for 799 "D

Blur. said...

I understand how u feel without ur camera ><

Monster said...

yc : me gonna be insane :((((

-艾嘉- said...

xtra hundred bucks! oh yeah yeah yeah, consider cheap already! xDxD