Saturday, April 24, 2010

BOH !! Surpriseee :D:D

It's the 21 of April ! =D
i did not go to school though chuah's bday, im sick & lazyy D:
wan her to feel lonely without me for the whole morning ! HAHAH
after tuition, uncle van dropped me & xingti feifei at the mamak in front kahchuah's hrs :D
we were waiting mun to meet us! :D she was busy buying food for our gathering later ;O

we hiding beside the van :D

coconut hair :D

using stove to light up the candle :O

TADA!!! fei er :D:D

fei fei & fei er :D

mun bought sushi :D

the two wai sek guai :P

topshop lacee tee back from me & feifei :D

"Bill" from mee :D

love her lahh :D

my briliant idea? HAHAHAHAH D:

us :D:D

watching video :D

We walked to kfc after that, talk about extrem topic :D
HAHAHAH cheezy wedges :O
had fun :D:D

we love you!


KahYee said...

Thank you. :)

HIP.PO said...

hahaH! we bought some snickers from topshop for joyce also, so ngam! HAHAH! :P i love the stone wish! :DD

Monster said...

kahchuah : welcome la sapo!! :D:D

mei : hehe! its special & cutee :D

eminey626 said...

LOL! stone from ur house? [=
me like cheesy wedges too! <3