Sunday, April 11, 2010

Days By Days :D

awww, im still in love with my dusty blog :D
i had been so long din do any update :(
due to exam & so much more!

7.4.10 Wednesday

FYI, monsterjojo & xingti & yanni & thong thong, 4 of us went nelson tan for lunch after our last exam paper! =D we're so frigging happy to spend time together, laughing & chitchatting bout life & so on ! we had our very mouth-watering meal & got back with our tummy full =D
thong went back while 3 of us went jusco to get magazine =D
Thong has tuition class ma!
i love my butts :D

we this a lot :D
see xingti XD

8.4.10 Thursday

Someone comes back! =DDDDD
♥ ♥ with no hair XD

9.4.1o Friday

The favourite of mine & xingti, Merentasi Desa by our school :D
this time its kinda tough! i should not say kinda, but very tough!!! its bout 7.5km lah wei TT
& very lucky me, xingti & kenke got prizes! :D:D

its a bit heavy this time XD

10th :)

another gift .__.

& the noon,The meeting with my baby & Mandy!! @dpc
awwww, i miss both of them much :D

he's still my mr popular :D
ahahahhahahah ! ♥♥
my darling is still looking good :P

d' converse :D

d' slipper :D

we're so happy! im so glad that 3 of us can talk together lahh =D
i wan more meeting with you mandy gioh :D
& hor, my baby is so so so so cuteee! i love to play his hair XDD
thanks for the accompany B ♥♥
he warn me not to post up so mny of his photo! hahahahha

10.4.10 Saturday

awww, wake up early & go school, gotong royong! LMAO
very lucky, im going for class decoration! HAHAHA

this is wad we called, recycling :D
we make used of those red hrs marching stuff :D:D

jojo draw this :D

our goodie goodie monitor :D

creative isnt it? :D:D

evening, headed to kaima's hrs to have dinner :D
bukit jelutong, i love the environment there, so quiet =D

u see my cute girl! omg cute daooo :DDD

3 sisters :D

pretty kaka! heh

sisterhood me likey

i appreciate every little thing of mine :)
i enjoy my life
with the accompany of creatures that i love