Sunday, March 28, 2010

27.03.10 The Wedding Party

I had my birthday dinner in a wedding party. kinda close relative but we're not so close in reality, we just meet once a year, during CNY. :D however, it's a good time to meet those kinda close relative in this party & do some camwhore! HAHAHAH

im the eldest among my family :D
HAHAHAH I got doze of cousin & cousies!
every of them looking effing cute :D

& my forever cute boy, ZEN PHANG
he's seriously adorable to the max!

my aunts~! & one of them is my pretty kai ma who's in white :D
the black one will be my pretty aunty siew.
They look forever superb young! TT

you know who's here!
HAHAHAHH yencheng & yongsheng

she's so pretty! like usual :D

my cousin sis, mandy & my sista!!
mmg cantik :D
sjelous :(

this wedding party isnt romantic.
it plays disco music &etcetc :(
HAPPY MARIAGE to my relative :D


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Anonymous said...

all prettty hihihi^^