Friday, March 26, 2010

25th Mac Celebration with BABBBYY! ♥

@ chocolate louge
he made me cried here :S
I thought paddingdon was already a surprise,
but who knows,
here's another one ♥

stupid face! HAHAHAHA
"make a face like u're blowing the candle! i missed that part"
he saiid & me did this

my pressie from him :D
he went one-u a day earlier & look for those
the ear ring one shop by one shop
eeee, so touched.
the purse from forever 21 =D
his is green & mine red !
love it lah~~!!

Hohoho! 25th march me likey!
Love to spend time with him,
love to stick with him
love to be with him. =D
im like a princess that day, he's like my prince :D
thanks baby!
me love youuuuu!!!!


Chiann Vern; Joyce said...

aww! so sweet! :D

Munn said...

awwww sooo soo sweeettt~~
envynya xD

Blur. said...

So sweet! :)

Monster said...

thank you :D:D
munn : envy wad lahh! u too lah wei :D

B. said...

wah song sei