Friday, March 19, 2010

Reminiscing in the mood to blog bout the past :D
those days that makes me laughing like there's no one around & acting like a maniac
those days i mentioned are days all of us busy preparing for the annual sports day =D

hellooo, here's the M017 Monster-jojo =D

& this is the duble cute ACEEEEE ;DD

hopefully im not surprising u,
im taking part in the 1500m & got num 9 .__.
im almost dyinggggg

idk when was it =D

chye huey's =D

oh yeahh! Im in tug of war too =D

1,2 PULLL !
spot ling beside? :D

burly men :O

how excited were they :D

the butts :DDDD

Amer dah nak x_x

the making of bones of the big 3D birdie XD

those stupid wire tear my skin .__.

the first thing we started to do =D


mine in grey & ah hee in blue :D

the super cute guy :D
with a big smile on his teeee :D

jeenvern & chyehuey =D

the best fatty in the world =DD!
he does have wings!

& so do I =D

The daughters? they call me mother TT
amelia & kar mun =D

ultraman or..?

totem pole :DD

she wants me too much :P

my red indian :DDD
covering the thing with newspaper is effffffing digusting & tough!

was 11.03.10 =D

shiweii :D

i really love this :D

she's tall & super cute :D
shey yin

thank you so muchie :DD

my silly butts :DD

yanni the cute one :DD


beh tahan ooi chun wen :DD


i miss those tough days suddenly :D


Eugene ! said...

i like the one i shouting together with teacher . xD

HIP.PO said...

haha! LOL! ooi chun wen = pengkhianat rumah kuning!!

Monster said...

eugeneee : XD

adik : its good to khianat rumah kuning for merah :DD