Sunday, March 14, 2010

The 2010 Sports Day

HOLLLAAA earth things
sorry for making my blogie dead .__.
i miss my sack so much! & now finally im here to blog bout the 2010 annual sports day =D!

THE 13th of March,
we got our skul sports day! Everyone done the preparations for marching & khemah decorations :D

bout 5.40am, i reach soowai's hrs & get my stuff to school with my sista =D
since im incharging of the red hrs khemah deco, i must reach earlier right?
& so ngam lisa was there too! she reach there just :)
we moved our things there, except the big birdie.
Reach skul & seek for help from my red hrs kaki =D we took those deco from 6B3
& I asked help from the scouts too! they help me to carry the big bird from house to school :D
*credits to them!

thank you so much big boyS!

& we start decorate the khemah =D

wei yan :)

& this is how it looks like =D

& i love the totem pole =D!!!!

waiting to march on the big big field :D

the red house =D
& jun kit with his fav post ._.

the super cute juyee =D

pretty xiao jun :D

the mascod =D!

& this is jun kit, the red hrs leader :D

the scouts! =D

the band =D

the media & libranian

again the scouts,
they got the brand new style of marching. or i shud say,
the kinda special squard hormat =D

the st.john

the bomba

hohoho! the RED HOUSE =D

lisa and the cute girl behind so cute!!!


greeen house birdie =D

the yellow house :D

the blue hrs leader
he's a kinda weird thing .__.

Amer, the afro ;D

the greenie digimon :D

the superb yellow house!!

me & yee theng :D

& here's the red house cheer leaders!!!!! =DD

& my fav part! =D

red house rocks with their brand new steps !
everything was like WOW!
the flag part :P & the costume, marvellous!

the greenie :D

the yellow :D so cutee!

& the blue, pretty!

& this is my tall cousin Shee Jian, another cute one! =DD

& my greenie friends! =DD

they came to help me,
" GOOD MORNING teachers" *bow
when the teachers came to nilai the camp =D
thanks people!!!

the two pretty girls :D

& the super cute junior!! =D
she's still calling me kakak joee :D


hahaha :D the sapo :P

everyone is so RED! =O

love them! =D

my camwhore kaki :D
she's pretty!

my buttt!!! =D genki genki~~

this is the way they cheer :D
i do not have any competition photos, they're with another camera! :(

& kahchuah :DD!
she's on duty for the whole day ;D
btw, i've skip the tug of war.
yellow vs green for the female, to our surprise, GREEN WON YELLOW! wow
& for male, red vs yellow again and YEAH!

the prize giving ceremony =D

& xin ru, the super cool one =D

the class mates! =D

& my darling came too!!! =DDDD

me, gene, xingti,kahchuah,ngau,swing & jwen went for lunch after all =)
chap came & fetch us home! so kind of him HEHE

the overall champion taken by the YELLOW
the marching team for houses will be the RED!
the marchinhg team for badan beruniform is the band
the cheer leading, blue got it
the notice board, blue took it
the khemah hisan, blue took it too

im the third, so sad :(
i dunno why ill burst into tears whn jeenvern came & tell me the results
AHA! tears are not controllable, the stupiest thing was that i cried in the camp whre everyone looking at me. I dhk i scared jeenvern, kelvin, chye huey & shi wei's friends =D they dunno what to do :/ There's a red house member thought my phone was lost & told me to find ah lim! ROFL
HAHAHAHAH! its kinda sad as all of us put so much effort on this.
duhhh, its over =D & i love the process!
i do not regret that i hold this pose =D
i learn a lot & i got friendship! i manage to know some friends & also the kind jun kit who offer me his help everytime!

Last but not the least,
*credits to
Jun Kit
Chye Huey
Kai Yan
Xin Ru
Yee Theng
Hai Shan
Yan Ni
Kar Mun
Shey Yin
Suet Lin
Wai Yin
Shi Wei
Wei Yan
Au Yong
Chien Ping
Jhen Liang
Wen Bin
Joon Lim

& also mr ooi chun wen for making those stupid stuff during the prepartion!

Thank YOU!!!


Andrew said...

where am I? ><
paiseh my finger spoiled the photos of u and ur darling

eminey626 said...

i like red house khemah! it was so nice!
yea ehh, i was surprised when green tarik tali won yellow xDD

Jeen Vern said...

jo ee you really scared the shit out of me when you burst into tears ytd == really not used to see you crying coz you're always all smiley when i see you haha.So cheer up okay next time i see you cry i might panic and knock my head against the wall==

:) Thongyen said...

where is my name ?
I jumped out and down lehh
HAHAHA. joking lahh xD

Eugene ! said...

Yea, just enjoy the process.
RED still RCOKS larh ! xD

Monster said...

andrew : hahahaha!!! its okay :P i just note down those help me to paint & blalablabla

eminey : thank you so much buddy!=D & the tug of war O.O!!

jeenvern: hehhh!! so sorry buddy ><

thongthong: ohh yaa!! ur socks :P

camwhorekaki : YAY!!!

Andrew said...

Haha I mean you din ask me take picha! XD