Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Bdayy Thong!!

oh gosh! see whose foot is that? she had wear her sock terbalik-ed !!! =O
she wore the bottom part as her top part ! HAHAHAHAHAH
okay, i know u guys had made the correct guess :)
That's our miss blurr, teoh thong yen :P


you know wad? u can easily make me laugh like a maniac.
the way u talk & the action u made, so so "3 lines down" !
HAHAHA anyway, im so happy that we're butts :D
we sat together in the labs, & craps together sometimes!
hopefully u enjoyed ur sweet 7teen bahh!!
love you buddy =D

1 comment:

:) Thongyen said...

Joee aa
why you post the 1st picture?
zz >.<
anyway, thanks for your post!