Friday, October 9, 2009


i feel so undone recently :/
too much to do but dunno wat to start
gahhhhh ! & the desktop & connection in my hrs =_________=
just dunno wats wrong with it~ hmmmmm
& now im blogging in my granny hrs :)
OH YAAA! my baby camera =( =( =(
luckily laotine lend me hers ! .____.
thankss bud :D

Wednesday, 7.10.09
wheeeeee, went desa park & we saw dumped puppies on the field there !
one white & two browns
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. someone put them into a box & threw them there :(
they are just around 2weeks old ! & those cold blooded mankind .___________. wt*
they were just in pitiful condition :(
they look blady hungry, & so weak TT
so we planned to bring them to the petshop, at least ppl there can help to take care of it. We think. but who knows those worker thr not willing to keep them :( too bad !
i cant bring it home too, since tuition afterward & gene too! for some reason..
we placed the puppies outside maxvalue to buy drinks. just a while, whn i went out to look for the puppies, they're gone !
i asked the kakak beside there & she said a man has took them away.
I went in maxvalue & tell geneeeee bout that
we went out & so ngam the man is there :) we give him the milk packet we bought & he willing to take care of those cute puppies :)
so happppyy lahh! relieved =D

i love this one :) whiteeeeeeeeeee
it has blue eyes, just like my ex-dalmation :(

& two of these :D brownnnniiieee
one of these, HAMSAP!

Thursday 8.10.09
ponteng today ! =D with the permission of mrs lim & mr lim
since school days this week got nothing to do, most teacher arent in class too, so just..
STAY AT HOME & relax relax luuuu *study*!!
gahhhh, me now still sejarah-ing =_______=
fast fast gao dim & jump to other subject lahhhhhh

Friday 9.10.09
Stay in school a while after skul today, spending time with my darrrrrrrrrrrrrrlingggggggggg =D
&&& today is the first time i went home by taxi, ALONE !
woots! I've grown up =D
& magali sigh is goood ! HAHAHAHAHAH


cheeRs sUe♥♥ said...

i wish i will go 2 NEVERLAND oneday

KaHyEnG said...

sweetx for the last pic yaz.. ^^

Monster said...

suee : let's go? :D

kahyeng : :DD!! heyy yeng~ thanks !

Ernest said...

Fuyoh ,sweet leh .XD