Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today is a good-hair-day =D

Tuesday 13.10.09
hohohoho! Today is fun :)

take one

& a two
& a three!

lao tinee lu :DD

& we makan this :D RM22 pp
super super niceeeeeee! =3

i love the riceeee, soft yet wet :P

._________. meet munchun & min yi here! =D

& got all these frm my B =D

Wednesday 14.10.09
If Im not mistaken, its raining early in the morning =)
dun feel like climbing up from the cozy cozy bed lahh! but how? today is those form5 skul reopen & me having my
first exam day today! rawr .__________.
wat subjects d ar? hmm.. BM paper2 & Bi paper1 !
wheeeeeeeeeeeee, exam is not hard & i can do it =D but this doesnt mean that i can get good marks for it T.T
had a very nice recess tdy! AHAAAAA~ stuck in the
skul hall :) it has been quite long time i din enter the skul hall during recess le =D
skip tuition, reason? tmr sejarah paper 2 arrhh !
at night, fill my mind with sejarah's stuffy luu. with those **&%&^ name =_______=
with B's accompany :) he claimed that he got long nap this afternoon & makes him cant sleep!
HOHOO abt 12am, i bump into the bed, cant stand it =( & wake up at 4.30am & my sejarah note start being my tutor le. Im with pufffffyyy eyes .__________.

Thursday 15.10.09

a kind of lychee after tuition with daddy mummy kaka =D

okay, still holding the book during assembly. I din even touch BAB2 ! wtf..
luckily its easy to study, still got some memory bout the chapter =D
sejarah paper2!
sapsap shui lahhh! ._____________.
just joking.. Its not hard, manage to do luuu :)
Recessssss, worring bout the BC 1 ><> longggg essay =D

Friday 16.10.09
YAY YAY YAY! no skul today :) i tot i can sleep late, but mummy called at bout 8.45am
"jooooo, still sleeping? want to go for movie anot?"
"huhhhh? with who? " *still blurrrrr
" kaima they all lo, go timesquare "
" wait arr..ask kaka"
*blablablablablabla* & lastly yes, both of us wanna
go out today! YAY!
marmie said grandma will reach our hrs at bout 9.45am! so early..
we cleaned up & prepared everything lu =) headed to
Imbi Pasar to have breakfast
i got "wu tou mi" aka fish head meehon! i loveeee the milky milky taste & i dun like the fish ==, grandma's homemade wu tao mi is the best! i miss it ._______. popo so long din cook tat le :S

the father & the daughter :D

mine :D

after that, went sg wang, aunt's salon =) waiting kaima to do her facial~
& mummy coming to meet us at bout 12 ! her lunch time =D after eating den brought us go walk walk luuu =) & bought some stuff, my sis & marmieeee! =D

i love this teeee but it looks like kindergarden teeshirt .__.

then, went back to the salon, meet kaima & goin to timesquare on foot ! =D
grandma leading us there, she know the way to there ! PRO!
had our lunch before movie =D

kaka wants to snap photo with aunt sham but zenzen keep kacaoing :D

the mother & the son =D

the mother :D

& we watched "CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS" its a short yet nice movie =D how i wish theres one day, when i look up & there's food falling down!!! =D but of cz, in small size

& ice-cream waffle after movie =D
i love rasberryy vanilla !

& bookstore while mummy & aunt dinner .___.

went home after all, stuck in the road for an hour :)
din get bored, think of lotsa things~ & he is sick :*(

LOOK@zen, he's bullying ee ee with my monster! :x

aunty siew siew new puppy! :DDD
a toy poodle in black! its just 2 weeks old,
hyper active & so so so so so so so so
its too dark, bu shang jin! unlike ee ee look so nice in da camera -D

& the notty one, Zen luu!

hope gene will be recovered soon :*(

Saturday 17.10.09

Today is my good hair day =D HAHAHAHAHAH
nothing special today, cleaned up the hrs with the help of two maids :)
today's kakak not as good as the usual one, mummy said wanna change back
at noon, popo say bring us makan MCD ! hahahahah, it has been long time i din have tat :)
at night, dinner with daddy's side family =D din eat lahh! 2 hrs ago i was eating mcd sia =___=
went night market, SB's :) not bad lu, brought home food ! :D
i bet you din realised today already another month le oh? :D
hahahah! Happy One Month Anniversary !
gosh, wo hao xing fu


KahYee said...

Enjoy your life.

minyi said...

achem achem .. YI soree...

Monster said...

chuah : u too!! <3

minyi : AHAHA! psps >< chg back :D

Anonymous said...

=) xing fu always then~

Im your blog reader said...

stay sweet with your boy joee (=