Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Exam will be continued next week, most of us are not having the study mood. Dunno why? Maybe the timing is wrong? Exam half way then stop & continue again =___=
Me? Forcing myself luuuu.. I had promised my parents to do well in the coming exam. Try not to disappoint them =D
Im so unprepared =(
Bio? noooo
Chemistry? noooo
Physic? nooo
Addmaths? nooooo
wth is that? aiyaaaa.. Am studyin hard for bio now :D still got time lahh! chill chill =D

Me butts ( kenke, a mei & thong2) ponteng tdy luuu, they prefer to stay at home to study
Tmr 3 of them + xingti + yanni are not coming T^T
How bout tine?
Rawrrr .____. Me cominggg skul =D

Suddenly miss my little aunt much :x
feel like talk to her lahh =D
YENCHENG, spare me some time after my exam :P

Just now, woots!
shocked me O_____O
got 4 stars!
in the slurpie contest
thanks for voting me peeps!
keep on the good works (laugh)
ps:// one can vote 5times a day

ciaos & TQQQQ!!!!


KahYee said...

AddMaths kills me.

Monster said...

dun worry!
just do ur best chuah :DD

eminey626 said...

y suddenly stop d exam!!! ><
make me dunhav d mood to study ald

Monster said...

eminey : yaloooo! me ben lai super rajin de leh! hahahaha joking :P