Sunday, October 11, 2009

Steamboat? OH YEESSSS

11.10.09 Sundayy

wake up at abt 1030am today, for me its kinda earlyy :)
somemore i slept at 3am ytd night, HOOOOO was studying *proud*
Thank you for the accompany yaa

nooon, like wad i planned,
study luu =) try to cool down mr.playful & miss mischievous since nxt wednesday starts exam le!

sobss.. i'm not prepared yet =(( god bless me

in the evening, mum calls from downstair,
which mean joee jia-e come down,
you know wad? mummy & granny shocked us! They bought home mny ingredients to make steamboat! wowww, tis is nt in our plan today =O
anyway, we just help lahh :) we loveee home made steamboat =D

popo cutting chilii ><
mummy cleaning cuttlefish :D
& i learned how to clean & cut it too! =D

the foodd :D


my family :)

daddy mummy =D
i wonder, is daddy copying me or me copying my dad?


no them no joeee le luuu

my popo :D!

the one who loved her sis much =DD
muai sister!

Dear Kenke,
heyy buddy, dun be too sad :( I had overcome this kind of prob before. Same, doggiiiieee
I used to have a dog last time, my very first dog. It is those foxy species with golden fur !
He is so obedient that he follow our order & really take good cares of the hrs
All of us adore him. & one day, he ran out like usual, to pee or wad.. He used to come back home on time, at night ! but he didnt that day.. All of us just waited for him. One day, two day, 3 day & so on, he's not home yet. Till now we dunno is it died or still alive somewhr, All of us just miss him so much, especially my sis & daddy. So sad to lose him, but how? we cant do anything right? just keep those memories that u & him created in your mind forever. Cheer up buddy! Baobao will R.I.P


KahYee said...

fei ar!

Monster said...


Anonymous said...

who call me?

Yong Sheng said...

WAHHH....damn fei leh XD eating again....

kenke said...

thanks jojo =)