Saturday, August 27, 2011

#feeling good

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Hello, i feel so blessed today! Went gym and casting with my boy in the morning. Came home at 4 and had a comfortable nap until 7pm. This is life :) So beautiful.

Another thing that comes to my mind now is, I'm so proud of my high school buddy, Christine! She earned herself 10k at our age man. How cool is she :) Really wanna be like her, work hard for the future.

I love 2nd sem subjects! Especially English & Social Psychology. The lecturers are so interesting :D Gonna work hard for my results too! It's stated in my everyday's to-do-list

When darling was busying at his church, i youtube to pass my time. It has been long since i listen to nice songs. And i did today! That's why i said 我的耳朵現在很幸福 in twitter. I'm addicted to hebe & ah fu. Their voices are so chio. So nice to listen to! Btw, i'm so gonna work harder for my body after watching hyuna & GNA. My godness.. How can they be so gorgeous!


this guy made me feel so safe and loved. I love you gene ♡ I think i already anchored myself to you.

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