Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Dear friends, fyi, me and my mum had own a blogshop, which is ♥♥ Feel free to follow and show me some love? :) Btw, for those who dont blog, you can always check it out at our facebook page, Dress-LikeCoutureShop , what you need to do is just "like" it :P
a milion thanks to those who likes and supports. It means a lot to me :*)

A vain photo a day, keeps the doctor away.
It has been so tiring these day, the blogshop torn me out

and i got my shoes & notebook finally :)
Loveit! One question here, " will you spend to buy lovely notebooks in reasonable price?"
for me, def. One of my collection :D

i can relate to this yesterday, this is no good.

Okay, im done with my updates! Me and my college friend, kexin aka bun suppose to go pavilion after college. She planned it and she failed it. Nevermind, at least i have some time to do my own chores. I realised i prefer staying home alone with my dogs than having bunch of people. It's much more peaceful and comfortable now #justsaying

there you go bun!

ciaos everyone! Great day ahead xx

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