Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Day of Shawn-staking ;(

Was quite sad.. cant see this 21-year-old-mr charming around campus anymore :(
On the Sunday, which is 7th August 2011, the production needs around 200 extras for the movie. So.. I'm in again! But it's different compared to previous ones, my high school & college buddies are with me like finally, im no longer "forever-alone"


Back to the topic :D
Around 6:30am, kahchuah & genki reached my hrs. Three of us were in the same car & i'm the driver WOOTSSS!! no worries people, we're safe in the end :) Meet up jwen and few guys @campus! Wenyi, HueyJenn &etc were there too! "Today will be fun" monolog by me.
As usual, breakfast are provided. Mamak that day, had nasi lemak & teh tarik for myself.

The first scene was the teacher running at the corridor..NAKED-ly! That's the very interesting part of the day :D Had lotsa fun looking at the celebrity w/o clothes :3 yum yum!!
Waited hell long for the second scene. & everyone was very tired and sleepy already. Fyi, the first scene took quite a long time. Im very glad & hyper when the crew chose me as one of the 6 "pretties" for the second scene. They told us that we're given script for the scene! HAHA though it's just few lines D:

After da 2 scene, PHOTO SESSIONS!

During Breakfast, with director Jack Neo!

this is taken during the break :D
Kenke was effing high, shawn was so close to her HAHAHA
Ehem, Joshua is very near to me too kay?! *joking!!

with the famous HK artist ι™ˆζ™“δΈœ :D
He's hot gilerrrr

Me & college mates with SHAWN :3 :3

shawn lee cute take #1

shawn lee cute take #2

me & high school buddies with Joshua :D

college mates with Joshua :D
i appear in every single picha man HAHAHA

This is the girlfriend and the boyfriend :D
Lovely couple they are

10.8.11 Wednesday
Me & hubby went for a movie after class :D suppose to watch Hang-Over part II with free tickets but who knows we're too early for that. The free ticket can only be used 2 weeks after the show shown on cinema. So, we watched the Captain America. I love movie day with darling :)

rated it 7/10
is a nice movie :D

the main character Chris Evans aka Captain America is a buff cutie!

him in the movie before injected some serum
skinny kiddo

him after injected the serum
i prefer his face more than the body
but honestly he looks much more better when his body get burly

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