Thursday, June 16, 2011

The long lost girlfriend

Hola awesome people :D I'm no longer miss procrastinate, i found my blogging mojo! Ive been updating almost everyday recently. Thanks to the study break Rock On Smiley Sign

Last Saturday (11.6.11), me and my ex-tuition bestie met up at desa park city :D It had been a while since i talk to her :*) How nice to meet her up that day. ヽ(´▽`)/
Both of us had our girl's talk for 3 hours non-stop! We shared bout our college life, love story and whatever that happened recently. She's that kind of girl who rely on people a lot, glad that she found a boyfriend who's my secondary school mate -.- how coincident is it :D faith :)

Both of us occupied the seat for 3 hours at 32'F Shaver
& this is Chu han's chocolate flavour :D

& this is mine :D milk flavour
thanks jeenvern for the recommendation, this is tzeee BOOMM!!
love the toppings :D

jeenvern, the smart ass :P

We walked out from the dessert shop to the outdoor :)
i always love it when the sky painted with redish/purple-ish colour

We took quite many photos but i only allow me to post up some!
Thanks to my fatty round face HEHEHE

this is taken when i keep complaining about my face :D
HAHAHAH this chuhan said that i should hiding behind her :P

I truly enjoy the moment we spent together, talking, sharing thoughts and feelings. This is what a friendship does - Supporting each other :D And i found out that every girl is the same :) No matter how strong how independant is she, once she falls in love, she's weak and crazy in love! HAHA

For today (16.6.11), i loveee my gene gene more & more & more :) today is another lovely day :3

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jv said...

haha T____T i look like those 通缉犯who got on tv and keep yelling "哞影我哞影我再影我就打你的啦” at reporters swt=.=