Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm grateful ❤

Ohayoo~! :D Mmmmm, my blog readers are getting lesser and lesser. Credits to the owner's laziness :/ Btw, im here to blog about the 13th & 14th of June 2011 :D

13th June
It was a fine morning. Baby boy came my hrs and picked me up :D I had a great morning with him. Had chicken rice as lunch and back to his house to do some facial :D This time, we do it with eunice and austin :D HAHA funny and so random right?

Everyday must do chores. He'll wrote down his to-do-list everyday to make sure everything go smooth :D This is one of the small action that i love on him ♡

Dear sammy ♡

his effing cute brother austin! small but smart :D


okay, a hardcore pic. It takes zillion consideration for me to post this up!!
For my memory sake, i finally put down my image and here's the photo!! HHAHAHA
we had our facial moment together, sammy was with white face too, but he refused to take photo with us :D

He was holding my arm so tightly when he sleep. Im laying beside him smiling :) ♡

14th June

Which is today. I'm so proud of myself for being so productive today :D Study for the whole noon and still feeling fresh.. WOAH!! :D And around 5:30pm, baby texted me. "Are you at home?" WOHOOOO, im so happy bcz i know he;s coming to seeee me :D He brought me Starbucks Vanilla Frap and i loveee it so so much! Thanks baby ♡ And guess what? Today is also the first day i drove him with my Snow White it's actually an ordinary white kelisa :P . Surprisingly he said that my driving is not so scaryy like what my parents said! Had a lil chit-chat with him in the car, we both feel love ♡ I heart you baby boy.


ps:// Lim JIa JIa pls be aware, i would like you to spend some time with me taking phootos :P


Anonymous said...

is that eunice?

Sammy said...
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Monster said...

yea, she's eunice :D