Friday, June 24, 2011



心情波浪﹐不聽使喚的又上又下.. Miss Monthly要來的關係吧。嘿嘿..昨天翻開了2009年的日記﹐一篇一篇的讀。看回以前我如何傷心難過﹐如何放下前度男友﹐如何認識一位好朋友﹐如何拒絕好朋友﹐如何和這男朋友開始﹐如何和這個男朋友到現在 :) 看回以前的心情﹐真的很窩心的﹐因為都是用自己最真實的心情寫日記﹐沒任何假惺惺﹐一下子就能回味。

原來我和eugene那么相愛 :*) 我們以前的點點滴滴我都有寫下來﹐看回去的時候都是笑著流淚的。從現在開始我也應該想以前那樣﹐不管有時沒事都寫一點。可能以後看回時又會有這種感覺呢 :) 在2009到2011這段路之間發生了很多愉快與不愉快。不愉快的比較多吧﹗因為我根本不想回到2010。最佳保護心臟的方法不是要喝什麼保健品﹐而是要 forgive & try hard to forget。

Btw, my relativse from HK came back for some family event. & guess what! There's one baby girl, Emilia :D She's a mixed !! :D She has a angmoh daddy :D & She's freaking CUTEEEEEE! She behaved well in my grandma's hrs. According to my sister, she rarely cry :)
Remember how i met her, hmmm. I went upstair to have a peep on her :P Her mother told me that she has asleep. But when i went into my grandma's room, she's cuddling her pillow tightly and look at me, smiling. OMG she smiles like an angel <3 <3 She's not shy at all, she smile to all of us. How cute is she :3


she bully :D


I adore her :3

I have so much to blog, especially bout today :)

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