Thursday, June 30, 2011


So today, suppose to be a GREAT DAY..

I'm still having my one month holiday :D Imma happppppyyyyy staying at home!

i'm so freeee to do funny faceeeee :3

& darling ee ee is tooo free and she do a ?!?! face

my current addiction :B

At noon, i met my uncle at Kepong. He brought me to a car workshop to fix my car. FYI, i got into an accident ytd, a minor one. The car behind me bang me. There's nothing big. Just that my car is so smelly now, my milo split in my car :( When i reached home, i pandai pandai open my gate big & planned to park my car in my hrs. While my car was entering the gate, suddenly it stuck at the pillar (*&(*^&$^%%()*!!!!!! & my car hurts like this....

TADA! the front part.. SHYT T__T
im so clumsy :( my parents and my bf are right :( haihhh
I quite pissed at myself, phoned my father and told him about it. Surprisingly he comforted me instead of scolding :) & thanks baby boy for cheering me up.

My main purpose of blogging today is to share you guys about my yesterday :D ♥♥♥
29 June 2011
Baby texted me in the morning, asking me to go to his house so that we both can have breakfast together before he go to school. So after chilling in his house, he planned not to go coll bcz he had to complete his assignment within that day. We had "Zhu Chiong Fan" @ Maluri :D yummy! After that, he brought me back to my house to change and pack. We're heading to FRIM (photography session for his assignment)! :D

he was so surprised to know FRIM is that pretty :D he rarely come here!


breeezingggg :3

both of us dress alike that day :D white top with same type of pants!!

we stopped at the waterfall, had plenty of photos here :D

ily <3
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sayang~ :3

seeeeeee!!!we dressed alike

I personally love this photo a lot!!! so pretty right, the colour the sunlight the person inside :P

At night, me and his whole family had dinner together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH
I'm so nervous and so happy inside :*) Feel good knowing that his family accept me :) heeeee We had bak kut teh at Kepong. yorr, im so happy now writing bout this :D:D:D eheheheh!!
After the dinner, me went mandy's house, guiding her to study Malaysian Studies. Din really help, we talked and camwhore a lot! HAHA long time no talk maa~

this woman!


she's a poser wei. I nid to learn from her asap!

In short, YESTERDAY WAS A GREAT DAY :D The first time having dindin with his family <3 gladdd~~ TEEHEEE!!!


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your bf must be so happy to have you :)

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nice post
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