Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry to be selfish, but you're all mine :D

helllllloooo readers :D
guess wad? i would like to share you guys how i feel lately..Im again so in love :D
seriously, im so happy with 余子良﹗i have doze of his vv funny + super cute + adorable photos with me! different expressions <3

we had our happy meal in sushi zanmai :D
i love love the sushi damn a lot :D
fresh & the price is reasonable!

& this is my duper handsome boyfriend :D
he looks so handsome with the jacket lahhh!

heheh, he will bring his camera along whenever we have outings :)
he knows i love camwhoring :D moaakxs!

soft-shell crab califonia roll :D

caterpillar roll !!!
omzg, i like the avogadro on top :)
ps:// gene took this, feel proud :D

green belongs to him & red belongs to her :))

one u xmas decoration in 2010 is superb :D

can you see how cute is the cottage :D
baby brought me to grab on the "snow"
he said it feels cold and its truth ! the "snow" are cold :D
so cool right? :D

stupid girl with nerdy spec :D
he loves :3


this is one of my favourite TT ♥♥♥

he ask me to take photo because theres my name :D

snowing effect :P

we got ourself the same topman hoodie :D
very very happy lah :D

we're heading home :D

one more weeks to go..


Chiann Vern; Joyce said...

omgg I love this post so very much! =) you guys are realllyyyyyyy SUPERB! sweettt! ;) thumbs up for the pretty photos too!

Monster said...

thank you so so so so so much :D:D:D:D:D