Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ohaiyo! :D

Helloo beautiful things! :) how's holiday everyone?
I'm kinda busy, overall..but sometimes Im still so lifeless!
This suddenly remind me the day of undang speech D:
For me, it was so so damn torturing! I had my speech at cheras area, where I already know that i can hardly see familiar faces :| so sad!
But luckily I met Kok Eng who's one of my tuition friend :) though we din really talk or interact during tuition, but at least I know who is him :)
Still.. At the end we sit in diff places n I'm all ALONE *sobs*
Manage to talk to someone there but still I prayed hard so that time flies & I could go home..
So my advice to those who has not taken any speech,kindly ask Ur dear fren to tag along! I'm worrying bout the other speech now D:

22.12.10 Wed

oh yeah, went one u for movie today with hubby hubby <3
We promised to watch Rapunzel together and I was so frigging excited!!
Since there's only good feedbacks! &&& the princess looks really good :)
So from the morning I've been waiting for the pig to wake up~
I'm dhk I'm so annoying sometimes, I keep calling him nonstop to wake him up!!
Ps:// it was already twelve noon!! :P
& I know he had been so busy at night,caroling and spreading happiness to everyone :)
So please just forgive Ur wife k? Teeeeeheee!!! :D
Ehhh, wait!! This notty hubby himself staying up late for dota ehh! *piakkk on his ass*
About 2.20+ he finally came!! I'm so happy to see him :3
Reach there...parking... Ticket...NOoO!!
We're too late! So I was a lil disappointed..:(
At the end we watch 'My Soul To Take' after our heavy meal at Carls Junior. :$
That movie is scary n scary! Scare ppl most of the time TT
& very happy I can just grab his arm tight :3
Mmmm, our first time watching scary movie, still looking forward to Rapunzel!!!
I'm not giving up :P
thanks for the happy day hubby <3