Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Bali !

i know i know.. my blog is kinda dead :( visitors are getting lesser day by day *sobs*
anyway, thanks for the loyal one ! HHAHA manage to get at least 100 per day luckily D:
kkkkk.. i know i shud stop crapping! HHAHA
so wad am i gonna blog about today? a dinner with my aunt before SPM :D
i got those photo with my baby;s camera ! thanks luuu :)

so this is the place, ole ole bali @soho KL :D
i really can tell you the food here is superb! plus the price isnt xpensive, reasonable!
thats why you guys shud try this

deco inside ;)

& the outside :D
romantic mm?

& this is my mummy :))

lame me while waiting for food :D
sister with her brand new ipod 4 luu! she has more 3c products den me D:

aunt with the bf :)
shes no longer available XD

lime + minty drink!
looks weird but taste so good ;)

cucumber blended drink smt :S
for me it taste weird TT

& this.. papaya!!!
belongs to me & my sister
we love this lotsss~!

& this is just so SUPERBBBBBB

cann seee "dimples" ??? HHSHAHAHAHAHA

done with all the food and feel so satisfy *yum*

saw haagan diaz on the way to the parking
so tempting right?
but really no more space for creamy ice D:

9 subjects done!


-AngJk- said...

exactly the 1 I've been to before :)

They serves awesome food & it was a fine dining experience :)

Monster said...

yea ;)