Saturday, April 4, 2009


today scout meetingg :)
kenke and lao ti absent
lao ken sick >< & laoti go bai san
hope my lao ken will be alright now :D
actually me (& others) got nothing to do in da meeting lahh
really nothing to do j ust walk here n therrr
so me & kin take da opportunity to chat!
cause i got really less chance to talk with him wan lehhh :P
we 2 talked a lot, about 2hrs i dhk :D
and yes! THANKS lalatttt
heeeee, lalat came skul and gif me back my phone
and now its now FUNCTIONING!
no blackie stuff anymoreee!
really thank you :D

and at home today
did salad :D
damm niceeee~
freshhh and u noe wat?
those vege taste sweeettt =3

( bohh! perasan-ing :P )

no hope for the present =(


Anonymous said...

lol,dint belanja me eat lah..? XD


---Kaichi@tham--- said...

i wan to eat ..haha

Jia Wei said...

most sien aktiviti . . .

kenke said...

im very fine now xD thanks budd ^^

KahYee said...

Belanja me eat lor you...

Monster said...

Ken1 : guahahahahahhhahah :D lalat wont eat vege i dhk?

Kaichiiiii ; :P

Redbean : agree =.=

lao ken : THANKS god :D

kahyeeee: cum lahhh :P

yuhjiun said...

tak ada belanja me larhh honey!

Monster said...

honeyy : HHAHAHAHAH nak? ask ur darling do lahh :P

yuhjiun said...

he wont d lar xD