Sunday, April 26, 2009


gonna blog bout yesterday campfire stuffy :)
its sentosa high skul campfire
actually ytd suppose to go campfire with those form5 and ex-seniors :D
but so bad, those form5 din go along in the end
reason ?
got no more seat left for them =.=
anyway, i dhk most of us enjoyed the campfire!
mr jia yao will be da 1st one hu enjoy a lot! gahahaha
since tis is the very 1st time he join us to campfire :D
got lots of performance,
latin dance, lion dance, band, gym boy, cheerleading and hiphop smt~ :D
and so damm nicee!
thre's fireworks in the end, so romantic siaaaa

ehem,,picha explain avthing thr :P

xingti as leader :D doin registeration thingy

we get glowing thingy from sentosa scout :D

mr kitzai :D

me & tine :D xingti is beside me but so bad cant c her here! XDD

far view ( campfire ) :x

one of the performance, gym boys :DD one of them super lengzai wan :x

tis is the crowd :D
all getting so high to watch dancing screw frm mustang performing

fire works :DD

couldn't take much picha since i 4get to bring my camera along
after the campfire & its abt 11+
we went bak skul
and yesh,
we take our plan to make surprise for our SIR CHEE HERNG
since today is his bufday ( 26.4.09)
some of us act like beh song-ing him to make him =(
and me, sure be the good one lahh!
guyauahahaha :x
dunno how to talk abt it :x
jus jus jus..
we made him super gamdong in the end :)



Anonymous said...

luks dam syiockk!! xD

Monster said...

not bad lahh