Monday, April 27, 2009


today late for skul again :x
tis time isnt my mummy fault but me self slept over
luckily my mum wake me up at 6.58am!

abuden i wont be able to rush skul i dhk? :D
hiak hiakk
reach skul at abt 7.30+
finding chances to sneak into skul but so so bad~!!

failed to =(
back gate was lock and canteen gate was lock too!
me n mummy had been waiting for abt 20++ mins in frnt of the skul
&& lastly~
my very pro sixth sense ask me to go backdoor *wink*

geeeeehhh :)
and so niceee
a bunch of juniors were thr! goshh!
ran down frm the car and meet'em~~!
sneak in skul with them without ppl noe-ing :D


&& not bad?

since perhimpunan tat time stil can peek him ?

din really stay in class today

i mean i dun even stay in class today! ;x
kinda busy for the photografy and carnival preparation
its fun though!

gonna start prepare for mid-year exam!

dun wan u guys to look down on me =)


a pic of mine & my kaki =)
cheer bud :3

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Anonymous said...

AIyaya... late ler still can sneak in... lucky onli la... =p