Friday, April 17, 2009


today x)
everything is just fineee
jus then, mr "fever" suddenly find me again
and make me cant go for my date :x

and yes, in the class
during PM lesson, its NANA's lesson! GUAHAHAHAH
the best teacher n MOTHER i dhk
we, a big gang chit chat with her lahh
she show us her sons picha n tell us story :)
frm tat, we really noe tat she's jz so so understanding :D
and yet,
duno siapatu tell her about my stuffy and makes her ask me to
LET GO easyy ke? HAHAH
&& its kinda fuunyy to get tat from a teacher
& now i only realised da photo is wit xingti =(
so no photo lahh!

today's weather is just so damm hot
and til nw
thr;s no RAIN

btw, its already 5 months :(
gahhhAlign Center
peace ==v

another lifeless friday
i wanna go for a MOVIE
pls bring me out lah