Friday, April 3, 2009


gonna post for ytd events :D
ytd took myself in "batu serembam" comp with xingti
i and xingti feel like got no worry whn we wrote our name in da paper
cause last year tats no any stress! tat's why we're joining in it
tis year thrs lots of PROOO!
those form5-ians! just really too PRO
me n xingti den change our mind
we not gonna fight but play! GUAHAHAHAHHA
and yea
da 1st round, me versus micheelleeeee :D
and everyone will noe hu is da winner for that ( MICHEELLEEE lahh :D )
nehh, da han lahhh! keeep on saying " can straightly write micheellee's name d "
and second round versuss chuixing! :D
god, another pro
ishhh, jz playy luu..and yesh! SHE WON :DD
but we took long time to finish 5games HHAHAHAH
after being da loser,
me n xingti change station :D
congkak station :D
tat tims kai yan versus kah yeng~
they both fight for da 1st place and u noe wad?
both of'em were really expert in playing that thingy :D
after some times, kahyenng won da comp &
she had bcm da CHampion of CONGKAK :D
grates to her and oso my babe, KAI YAN lahh
u adi do ur best aint u? :)
btw, i tau how to play congkak finalllyyy!
so nxt year bolehh main d :D
finally, after skul
me n lao tine pt POL and we went to JUSCO :D
was goin to watch a movie but end up no :(
time's too rushh!
and yeshh, we use bout 45mins to wait for the taxi in a vv memorable taxi stop ><
at last, we saw T219 bus! and we quicky get ourselves in it :D
saw "fan ban" yyc :D
he's jz super handsome lahh
ehemmm..;x reach thr :)
saw lots ppl bcz tat's J-CARD DAY
really MANy people!
we makan in Tepanyaki, she had her beef+rice and me having beef+noodles :)
freaking niceee!
b4 we went home, we pergi beli sushi again :DD
and met kahyeng! faith faith faith :P
its mr JS fetching us bak
love win Pictures, Images and Photos
agree with this?
yes, i'm! :)

hope everything will be fine tdy


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H a N n said...

can straightaway write michelle's name laaaa....
u forget to write about ur GREAT power on someone... =P

KaHyEnG said...

rly gt faith lor..

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