Monday, August 13, 2012

Via Tumblr

The Key Ingredients of a Healthy and Happy Relationship
1. Giving and receiving unconditional love
2. Having a solid friendship
3. A commitment to understand each other, and each other’s perspective on things
4. Having a relationship that is built on trust
5. Having, and demonstrating, genuine respect for one another
6. Sharing common values
7. Maintaining open communication, and making time to talk and share what’s on your heart
8. Not assuming you can read each other’s mind
9. Being able to disagree and argue in a respectful way
10. Relationship decisions are discussed and made jointly
11.   Sharing laughter and fun
12.   Doing things you enjoy together
13.   Supporting each other’s individual interests (whether we share those interest or not)
14.   Being willing to give and take, to be flexible and to compromise at times
15.   Having time apart as well as together; having separate friends that you see on your own.

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