Saturday, August 18, 2012

Malacca Trips

Holla everyone! Feeling funny to say that Malacca is one of my favourite spot right now, after been there for 2 times in a month ! The first trip was with my college buddies and the second one was with my high school besties! Argh.. Im sure I'll got hungry later blogging about fooooooood..good good food!

Malacca Trip w/ ze college buddies

Actually only few of us went to Malacca. Me, kexin, hueyjen, beeboo wenyi & zoey! Early in the morning we gather at bee boo's house and huey jen was our driver of the trip :) Thank you so much buddy! 

No idea why the chicken rice there so awesome!
All of us loveeee it!

Thanks god we reached there quite early, no need to queue up for our breakfast!

Durian pufffffffff :3

Loveee all the soft-drinks bottle! so chio & vintage 

Tourist much that the local went to all the tourist spots :D

One of the best damn thing!! COCONUT SHAKE @ Klebang ! Next to caltex!
Super cheap somemore.....ARGHHHHHH

Nadeje cakes. For me this is not as good as how i expected ;)

Satay Celup as din din

After this we ciao! :D

Malacca Trip with the high school buddies!
I really love my high school buddies! We still hang out a lot even though we're already graduated from high school. I'm really grateful for that :D & so this is another trip for us to reconnect again, a 2 days 1 night food trip at Malacca. We named this event "EAT ALL THE FOOD" ! HAHA We went there in two cars, driver one Keat & driver 2 Hong Shen! Thanks a lot guys!! We went to our place to stay to settle everything before we started our food hunting!

iPhone apps is this awesome ;)

Mua ladies :3

I'm tiny, they said.

First stop, Chicken Rice at my favourite shop again! Look at the gentleman, Daniel who is lining for us!

One table was not able to fill all of us, so we were separated into 2 tables!

my all-the-time favorite girl <3 p="p">

I loveeeee gula melaka on cendol :3

Me & Xingti sharing a bowl :D

le tine tine :D

Durian puff for 10 ! Only realised that Daniel dont like durian :S

 Something interesting happened here :P
HEHEHEHEH only keep between us!

 I;m not kidding. This is the queue to have the well-known satay celup!
We queued for more than 1hour @@

 Like finally.......!!

We went to Jonker Street Night Market after satay celup! I know i know..
We eat a lot but dont you forget our main purpose to Malacca! EAT ALL THE FOOD!

coconut jelly!

FYI, the white thing we were holding aint food....TISSUE PAPER HEHEHEH 

Next station was at some dirty alley! 
Makan lala, siham & etc.. Too bad the stall we wanted have no more lala, so we went to another one!

After lala, we went to the nearby "OH_JIAN" aka oyster omelette to dabao our supper :P
Waited for more than 30mins here 

The best part of every overnight stay among friends! Beer & cards!!
Everyone got so high after having few sips of alcohol! HAHAH

btw, this is how we sleep!

The next day, after we check out from our place, we headed for food again :D
The guys took longer time than the girls to get themselves done :<

not so satisfy baba nyonya dishes!

Back to Jonker street again & grab this tomyam at Geographer ;)

Next was Nadeja, waiting waiting waiting...

My favourite COCONUT SHAKE @ Klebang again :D
Too bad i was so full that time, couldnt feel the very satisfy sensation drinking this ;((

Had maggie at xingti house at night ! HAHA
We couldnt stop eating :D

Thats the end of my Malacca posts! Honestly I cannot wait for BKK trip with ze boyfriend & friends in the coming December!! Must be fun :D

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Have a nice day pretty people!


Xue Ren said...

arhh! i see some familiar faces there among ur high school friends! :D

Nate said...

well dunno how I got here, been looking for something like this Zombie Games in Flash Shed but omg this blog is so delicious lol

Candy Wong 王尉溱 said...

Would like to recommend this to all of you "Hainanese Food since 60s'" in Melaka.

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Hope you guy can visit this restaurant the next round you go Melaka.

Brian L. said...

What a fun trip you had with a bunch of good friends :)

You may want to plan your next Melaka trip by going to goMelaka

Hana Kamarudin said...

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Hana Kamarudin said...

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