Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart to heart talk :)

I enjoy talking to the boyfriend yesterday night. We met up to have "tong sui" and to see each other =) Randomly, we talked a lot. It's not that we dont talk in the usual day, but this time, he told me all the big small matters that have been kept inside his heart, and i told him something that i really want him to know. Surprisely he told me that im his priority. This really surprise me as i never have a thought that im his first place :*) I'm so glad, finally i feel so secure in that moment. I know right, this joee just react too much sometimes. I just love him. He gave me a bucket of honey yesterday, we dated like we just started dating. It was so sweet. :) He look at me when i talk, and i just cover his eyes! So shy when he look at me like that *blush* I'm really concern about his health. His back aching and i cant help him, feel so bad when i see him twisting his neck and his back. He cant even sit still because he's not feeling well :(

I miss him already :*(

& im tumblr-ing now. & i found out that there's one of my friend wrote somthing bout herself in her tumblr. I just read it. We are so alike, the way we feel the way we think. Sometimes i feel like writing something but i just cannot make it. I dont know how to express myself in words.
So, i just copy some of her sentence in tumblr :) Love it, i feel like she's just another me sometimes.

Hubby boy, im looking forward to have another heart to heart talk with you soon.



eminey626 said...

what a sweet couple both of you are :D

Monster said...

thanks choooooi cheee <3 HEHE

Jes楚涵 said...

Envy honey>< I am glad to hear that both of you getting better and better^^