Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sister can be annoying at times, but still my best accompanion :P

There's one fine noon, sun was pouring D: the weather is so awful. I can no longer study after i gave my cousin zen tuition.. Sooo, i ajak my sis to make up with the new Red lipstick i bought yesterday & take some random photos :D since she is so boring and hubby's cam is with me also ma :D

monster in red
latest mee :D
very happy to find out that im fit in this dress!!!!! it's from my skinny aunt. and this dress is so pretty :D

my forever pretty sis :D


she can really do all this expression, jelous!


IMG_2170 those pretty photos in tumblr :S HAHAHAHAHAH

that;s it :D
mummy said we look like deculla :P
Im so failed to make up myself and sister -.- what i know is just mascara & lipstick! thats it !
Really have to learn, Im an 8teen!

ps:// me & hubby currently living in a honey pot <3

Loves, jojojojojo


-K3n- said...

2nd last pic, officially makes you the "she" version of Jo-ker. =]

Sammy said...

AHAHA the first big step to gorgeous!