Thursday, March 24, 2011

feeling great :))


ALOHAAA fella readers! Im finally back from LALA LAND :D
opps..some will be thinking "mm, monsterjojo looks different but i DONT KNOW where's the difference!!!".. Let me tell you la, its my hair :D Feeling proud to say that I had chopped off my fizzy long hair, dye it brown :D Looks better right? HAHAHA

I just came back from the 6days Aussie Family trip with my family. Not bad, the themeparks are awesome! Oh ya hor, i haven finish my Phuket trip yet. WOOPS

&&&&& I finally get my SPM results ytd D: D: D:
quite dissappointing la :( I want at least 8as to have the qualification to apply full scholarship, but too bad, what i got is just 7as & 3bs. GAHHHHHHHHHH


Im so happy to meet up with all the mates :)) I went xingti's house early in the morning. We planned to jog with kahchuah & fatty! Having fun gossiping & talking shit :D So glad to have them as the besties :3 So many things happened when im not around M'sia :OO

Reach school bout 11+, damn nervous, heading to the hall with the friends. Teacher was annouching the st8 As students on stage & the-less-one-A 93's, my name werent in :( So we have to see our class teacher for the results :)

still the silly face :D

Look at my face :(( round round round. I gain xkgs after aussie trip D:

beloved miss lim :)






Was thinking to have fun with all the friends after results session, but too bad most of them going to work :(((( So i spend my time with xingti :)


After few hours, the boyfriend ♥♥ come to fetch me & bring me swimming!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH so excited but super nervous, the first time i swim with hubby & with his church friends along :) Happy lah!! HAHAHAHAHA Ken, Andrew & Irene, so kind of them :)
So glad everything turns good, luckily the situation isnt awkward :P

& today spend the whole morning + noon with hubby boy :) had super tasty 豬腸粉 with him, spend time in my house, he plays guitar to me


Pou Leen said...

The way you smile is so funny... XD

yanni said...

i fgt me...=(

yanni said...

u fgt me...=(* u ar.. bu yao gen ni hao le