Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amazing ♥♥

one of the photos in my favourite list ♥
ps:// it is not taken today, but in this month :))

What a great day is today! Im indeed happy =D

"一起床就告訴自己﹐今天我一定會過得很好 :)"
-this is wad ive posted on twitter/fb in the morning
& im so glad it becomes true!

I had awesome day with the course mates, we had fun at the mac lab!
camwhore like siao =D
& at bout 3smt, baby came my college to fetch me up! We are going for some casting for an agency! This is my very first time :) seems so fun la
Im happy with my college, so big & so nice. Only one thing, why is it located at subang? The road is like so busy for the whole day, so confusing, we went into the wrong way twice! Anyway, we finally found our way & headed to the agency :D We talked so much along the way, though he's not comfy with his back, but he didnt show up his bad temper,
♥ muacks!
I sincerely hope that there'll be a cure for you gene :(

Reached that place, "wow" it was a realy new place!
saw some hot guys & a girl in it :D They're like real model, with fit body & nice face!
Both of us are so envy & so admire :D Both of us talk again, sharing some thoughts (mostly all related to those boys! ) HAHA! I was so happy that time, he's so kyutee :3

& finally our turn! Baby goes first!! Since he tried once before, he is so daring :D
and next my turn, i'm so surprised that im not nervous in the room, i was okay :D started shooting photos, posting around! OMG i dhk i will be looking stupid in those photos D: & finally video, by doing some expression, im looking dumb TT nevermind, take it as an experience!
** i want them to call me & hubby back for another shooting la, we need $ :P **

After everything, hubby boy drove me home, me love kacao-ing him a lot! :P
& i guess he loves it too right baby? HEHH
He came in my house, i mean it is just the garden there.. He played ball with spottyy! Spotty is so happy :D He claimed that i look better when my hair is tied up :) YEEEEEE *blush*
Mummy came back, he got so nervous!! He said he plan wad to say but at the end he said those thing he never planned :P

We both are so happy today. It is so amazing when we feel so in love :3
I love you eugene! ♥ :)

Thanks Lord.

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sweet forever ^^