Sunday, January 23, 2011

D' 2010 ♥

2010 me

Holalala! I realised i have something so very important stuff not completed yet. Yea, it is my 2010 ending post. I claimed this is an important post because Ive learned a lot & experienced a lot in the 2010 year.

In short, i would like to conclude my 2010 is a hard year :)
i face a lot & a lot.. Friendship i guess i got no prob :) Family..yea i used to quarrel a lot with my parents. Studies, having a little stress due to SPM.. & relationship..that made me mad :)

school life, honestly i dont feel like leaving the high school days :(
who cares bout the stupid school rules & stuff? I will not let those small matters bother my happy school life. I've no regret of joining SQM. This club made my day, made my school life lively.

the sun burnt my face :D

since january we started skip class just to prepare for the sports day :D

we always feel proud & happy wearing the orange tee! the only pretty colour of the school tee :P

these are the awesome partners :D

Besides SQM, the school event that matter me the most is The RED HOUSE! wohoo!
I had been selected as the Ketua of House Decoration, this was like 10000* lagi stressful than being in the SPM candidates :(( LOL I worked hard with the team mates & fight for the first place :D Though the result was really dissapointing, that made me cried LOL LOL LOL anyway, im glad to know & be close with the 2010 form3 kids! they're way to awesome!!


damn nice isiit??? TT

i think i gonna miss this cute boy a lot!


although i know their main purpose is for ponteng classes, but nevermind :D
cause they rock the working period :) thanks people :))

the huby came to lend me a hand during their SPM result day :D



Next would be my dearie 4K/5K!
They are really all uniqe :) Smart yet Active, FUN!! They're wonderful people :D

the class teacher, FIRdaus :))))

chemistry teacher miss lim :D
she's very very cute, but dun play play, she's strict!!

carnival day :D

frog bisection day :D


to be continueee... <3

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nutzz said...

im damn miss the qm life last year :(