Wednesday, January 5, 2011


dear readers, im sincerely sorry for not updating my blog D:
im too busy for my job ! hehehehe
& the photo above is me & yanni, my partner in crime :P
we curi tulang to the max from the first day we started working!! HAHAH
im feeling much more easy after few days,
since i knew friends there! :D
they're all friendly & kind laaa :)
i wonder if the department there has less female creature, they love kacao-ing us!
oh yaa! there's one very so cute malay guy in timberland, which the "stall" is just opposite me :)
ps:// im still loyal to my dearie boy :P
too bad yanni wanna stop working on 5th, today was her last day D:
she's not feeling well, anyway, i love her loads :D:D

earthings! do pay me a visit k?
new wing parkson, men's department :P


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