Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just wanna say something!

Yea, it's quite late now & I'm still here :) I wa just wondering something I used to think so much.
Me and the boyfriend have been bonding together for more than a year. For other couple, I guess the girlfriend will no longer be how they behaved at the early stage of their relationship.. Or I should say like this, the girlfriend will no longer be that sticky to the boyfriend and so concern about the boyfriend daily routine.. But why? I seems like a bit unique from the others.. I still need texting each other like every minutes, phone calls per day, wanna see him so badly everyday, wanna know about his daily routine, wanna spend time together..etc etc :( I got no idea whether it is a good thing or bad thing :( I'm afraid that I tend to be annoying him :( I had tried calling him 3 times in an hour just to know whether he is safe to his destination, I'm just worrying too much :(

I know it is more to a bad thing but.. Hopefully the love one can understand me :(
I will try my best to control myself. I hope he can do me the same like I did to him, Mayb I'm just too greedy! Gahhh :(((

Anyway, the last day of Jan seems not so bad to me :)
He came over for an hour & I helped him to scrub his strawberry nose! Hahah.. Fun :) Though he had promise to accompany me the whole day :( Im the very happy gurl whenever he's there to tell me he loves me :)seeeeee.. I'm sick again!

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Kereta Sambung Bayar said...

hey! i like layout! nice 1! n nice post 2! simple but sincere.. =)