Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey guys! How are you doing? Great? Awesome? Nah, mine is bad :*( Having much stress recently : academics, economics & etc. I don't know why la, i felt kinda upset studying in Taylors. It isn's that fun & not cool at all -_- I can't really stand their attitudes and behaviour, most of them are like "%$E^%$#%^&)" sigh. I wonder is it my own problem or theirs? I do not enjoy much in my campus. Hope i will feel better soon #prayhard

Anyway, i had my haircut one week ago! look at the before & after... \-.-/

<span class=
totally out of shape

<span class=
& the ugly root

<span class=
after my hair cut :D no more ugly root!

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I had my haircut during my anniversary eve :) At night, me & hubby boy went for movie and din din to celebrate our big day!

<span class=
I din really dress up that night :( regret much

<span class=
but he still likes it

<span class=
my hubby boy

<span class=
anniversary gift :)

The foodie of the day is totally awesome! I'm like..

Blog about foodie at this hour is really wronggggg. I'm craving for cheesy food naooo!
I miss the pizza so so muchhh!

<span class=
appetizer - mushroom soup

<span class=
awesome pizza!! the cheeeeseeee :3

how can u resist?

<span class=
this carbonara is realllyyy (Y) (Y) (Y) to the max!!!!

<span class=
our dessert :)
If im not mistaken, this is a tiramisu :D

<span class=
my favourite boy ♡ He's way toooo cuteeee

<span class=
happy us

We do quarrel and argue over little things, but we do also work together and make things right. We had so many obstacles these two years but we're able to cope with them. We support each other mentally & physically and love each other from the bottom of the heart. I'm happy that i'm in love with him ♡ Moaaks! Happy two years anniversaries sammy!! Love you much much :*


Y E N C H E N G said...

i like ur new haircut ! shorter but still cute x)

Monsterjojo said...

thanks cheng! <3

Joey Lee said...

awesome haircut! looks good on you, pretty :)

monsterjojo said...

thanks joey! :D