Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exam fever

2 more days and i'm officially done with my first year of uni :*) I used to complain about my college mates with my high school friends, but now.. I'm a bit heavy hearted to leave FICM'11. Nahh, actually i'm just gossiping for fun, no offence at all :) Anyway, I'm done with 2 subjects! & tomorrow..apparently today, i will be having the most boring subject, BAVP. In my way of thinking, this subject should not be included in our final because it is an application-based subject. Why so funny we have to hafal all the theories now?! #sad Pardon me, PMS cause me to rattle a lot :P

#this is totally me


Xue Ren said...

Hi JOJO! u taking FICM in Taylors?? =)

Monster said...

yes xue ren :D