Thursday, December 1, 2011

The first day of December ♡


Happy December everyone!
College at 9am today, but woke up at 7am.. I thought my class starts at 8am wuwuwu.. Slept on my cozy couch til 8.15am & ciao to college after that :D College like usual, went back at 4:30pm with nasi lemak & ramli burger. Baby is coming to mua house!


It was raining heavily outside, we and the pets chilling in the house :D
Both of us were busy doing our own assignments ! Love it when he's around :3


#new addiction : Snoopy Street Fair!

I should be doing assignment right now, 1k essay for econs based on a talk that happened few weeks ago. Nothing left in my mind ._. how to do?

Add oil !

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